What is RADE ?
Kio estas RADE ?
What is RADE ?
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What is RADE ?

RADE (Rotaria Amikaro de Esperanto - Esperanto World Fellowship of Rotarians) which was founded in 1928 is the oldest of all the dozens of World Fellowships recognised by Rotary International.
Its aim is to further the use of the international language Esperanto among Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in order to promote international understanding and goodwill in accordance with the Object of Rotary, point 4.

In order to realize this aim RADE contacts Rotary Clubs and Districts, publishes articles in Rotary periodicals and participates in Rotary's International Conventions where it also staffs exhibition stands next to those of other Recreational and Vocational Fellowships.

A half-yearly information bulletin in Esperanto with summaries in English and French, RADE-Informilo, is distributed by mail or e-mail, as the case may be.

Contact us at: bonaespero@aol.com


Visit the RADE booth at the 2006 Rotary Convention

As usual a booth of the Esperanto World Fellowship will be managed by Esperantist Rotarians. Don't miss this occasion of getting fair information about Esperanto and its facilities for world understanding and communication.

Past Pdt RI Cliff Dochterman, with H. Kamiguchi, Ursula and Giuseppe Grattapaglia in Osaka

Marc Levin, Pdt RADE, at D-1780 Conference - France

Chairman Tin Tin of RI Fellowships visits the RADE Booth in Chicago RI Convention 2005

RADE Booth in Brisbane, Australia - RI Convention 2003